What I’ve scribbled over the holidays

As you can see from the comics, Christmas was awesome and New Years… not so much.
But it’s okay, I’m home now and everything’s fine. Here, have the stuff I produced during that time… I spare you the Supernatural fanart, though… (there are many)

Some scribbls with new pens I got for Christmas from a dear friend of mine :3

I hate kakis. Everybody who tells me kakis taste like kakis, I’ll have to inform you, they taste and smell like fucking pumkins and I don’t like the smell of pumpkins, so why should I eat stuff that tastes like them? Yuck.

On New Years Eve we watched Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage on DVD, I bought it because Jared Padalecki’s face was staring at me when I was in an electronic-store which sold DVDs as well. It was so so so so kitschy and bad and I don’t know… so funny. Just funny. Here’s what I did for it, it says “just love” in the line above and the German title of the movie underneath.

And these two darlings are sketches I did during the train ride home.

And that was it!

Hope your year was awesome up until now!!


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4 Responses to What I’ve scribbled over the holidays

  1. cattun says:

    wow, there change in your style is sooo visible by now =0 i especially love the bearded guy!! i hope those pens are working out well for ya :D

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