Uhm, yes….

As you may have noticed, or maybe not, I don’t know, this is on a bit of a hiatus. I haven’t drawn a Daily Comic since January 4th. I felt bad because of it; but I stopped feeling bad. It’s a project, a personal one, nobody is dictating the rules, so if I don’t feel like drawing a DC for a bit, well, then it’s like that. I don’t have the right mindset at the moment to draw them from January 5th to now either, so… yeah.

Yesterday I decided I’ll let the hiatus go on until February 4th. Then it’s a whole month without a daily comic, and that’s okay for me. After that it’ll go on. I’ll change my way of drawing them as well; I will set my alarm clock for 9pm every night so I won’t forget it. I tended to do that a lot before January 4th. I think that’s a good solution.

I really want to continue this project. It doesn’t eat much time of the day and it’s a good way to reflect on the day and pick out what you think is worth it. It’s fun, it’s amazing and it’s completely fascinating to go though old Daily Comics, though mine aren’t that old even now, but still. I did it almost a whole year, for ten months I think.

I am a bit disappointed in myself… if I had a bit more discipline I could’ve said I did it for a whole year. But well. It shouldn’t be and I won’t let it get to me too much.

So yeah. See you then. :)


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