New blog!!

Hey guys!

I opened a new blog because… well, seriously, I have the feeling wordpress isn’t doing the trick, you know. You have basically the same features, like reblogging (which I’ve NEVER saw on ANY blog) and tagging, which isn’t really effective – just for comparison, the daily comic about Supernatural which I tagged accordingly got absolutely no attention here, whereas on tumblr, it got 69 notes.

That’s tumblr, bitches.

Yes, I want to reach more people and I have the feeling tumblr might work. It doesn’t really have the option to comment on posts when you’re not on tumblr, but I will find a way.

The new link:

Visit me there and follow me, if you have tumblr, or continue to do the stuff you were about to do. I mean, if you read this, the chance is high that I love you anyway. <3

Bye wordpress!

Hello tumblr!


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